Season 2: The Moreland Sessions

11 videos. 11 artists. 12 venues. 33 songs. 1 host. Situated in the City of Moreland.

The Moreland Sessions is the second video series produced by An Otherwise Quiet Room, placing artists (in this instance, songwriters) in social spaces within the City of Moreland. The series launches on Thursday February 22nd at the Spotted Mallard, Brunswick (tickets are available now), and will feature live performances and interviews with series creator Mandy Connell and some of the featured artists from this season, including Gallie, Van Walker, Dirt Hand, and Joyce Prescher. We are thrilled to also have Jane McArthur on board for this show, who featured in episode 7 of Season 1: The Yarra Sessions.

Co-produced and directed by Agostino Soldati Films along with Mandy Connell, this series has been brought to life by a team of more than thirty artists, technicians and small business owners located within the City of Moreland.

Across 11 episodes, host Mandy Connell duets with and interviews a different artist along with the owner or manager of the business/space hosting the performance. Mandy and her guest duet on a song written by Mandy, a song by her guest, and a song by an independent artist, chosen by the guest.

Season 2 features the following artists and spaces:

Liz Stringer @ VICSEG New Futures / Second Stitch
Khristian Mizzi @ CERES / East Elevation
Ro @ Bee Sustainable
Dirt Hand @ Amelia Shaw
Malcolm Beveridge @ The Lomond Hotel
Van Walker @ True North Café
Kylie Auldist @ Spotted Mallard
Gallie @ The Good Room
John Fox @ Irene Warehouse
Joyce Prescher @ Golden Bowl Books
Monica Weightman @ Moroccan Deli-Cacy

Here’s a short teaser of what’s to come:

And while you wait for Season 2 to arrive, why not catch up on Season 1: The Yarra Sessions.

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We wish to acknowledge the Wurundjeri people who are the Traditional Custodians of Moreland, and to pay respect to the Elders both past and present. We have been mindful of including performers from diverse backgrounds, and are aware that there is room for more development.

It’s a work in progress, and your support and advice are valuable to us.

Thankyou for reading through this. We hope you enjoy the completed series.