The Moreland Sessions, Episode 10: Joyce Prescher @ Golden Bowl Books



Joyce Prescher is a Melbourne local, connected to a wide network of independent singer-songwriters. She attracts strong audiences to her shows, filling out the Toff In Town in 2017 for the launch of her album ‘Home’. Her reflective lyrics tend to be set in crooked structures full of jazz chords, yet her record would sit nicely in any 70’s folk collection.

Golden Bowl Books

280 Sydney Rd
Coburg VIC 3058

Joyce Prescher

Directed and filmed by
Agostino Soldati

Recorded, mixed,
and mastered by
Julian Abrahams


Joyce met me at Golden Bowl Books on Sydney Road. Run by Rachel Ritson, the tiny shopfront is located next to Wild Timor Coburg café, where passing foot traffic provides an endless stream of curious passers-by. Ritson has placed a chair in the front of window. Initially, I thought the chair was there to look beautiful, and it certainly does. But in our interview Rachel revealed that it is there for parents to sit while their enchanted children examine row after row of colourful books. Rachel has a wide range, and Joyce and I couldn’t help but browse between takes. I’m so grateful to Rachel for opening her shop for Joyce and myself to record these songs.

Prescher is often found listening to other songwriters at shows in venues like the Retreat Hotel and the Charles Weston. You often hear experienced, successful artists like Jen Cloher encouraging us to get out there and see the music in Melbourne and to support each other, and Joyce is the real deal, getting out as much as she can between shows and rehearsals. I strongly encourage you, the reader, to do the same.

Joyce’s Song
‘Sleep Now’

Sleep Now started life as a poem. In Golden Bowl Books it felt magic, as if the written word was brought to life in the warm light of Ritson’s carefully tended room. I felt as if every book could resonate with its own melody.

Cover Song
‘LA Dream’
by Julia Jacklin

I loved Prescher’s choice of LA Dream from the 2016 album ‘Don’t Let the Kids Win’. Originally from Sydney, Julia Jacklin is now touring internationally, represented by Melbourne-based HeartStop Music. It’s really great to pay homage to a young female writer (Jacklin), and I think the harmonies with Prescher are beautiful on this song, as they are throughout the episode.

Mandy’s Song
‘Persimmon Gold’

Persimmon Gold was inspired by the things I saw on the shelves of my kitchen in Brunswick East – the colours of my kitchen window, and the old art-deco apartment on Nicholson Street opposite the 7-11.