MCT Sessions – Mick Daley

Filmed on 27 June 2019 at the Merri Creek Tavern. Created and presented by Mandy Connell. Co-Hosted by Mick Thomas (Weddings Parties Anything). Shot by Agostino Soldati and Bob Hutchison. Audio capture & mixing by Mischa Herman. Edited by Agostino Soldati. Filmed on the lands of the Kulin Nations with respect to their elders. Thanks to Girl Friday on the door.

Mick Daley is a gonzo journalist and singer songwriter. Having worked in a variety of bands, Daley is widely known for his work with the Re-Mains and continues to tour with them, as well as Mick Daley’s Corporate Raiders. He is an environmental activist and a regular on the frontlines of protests against fracking and coal. Daley is an interesting character of many stories, and speaks to our host Mandy Connell about his early days in Sydney, being inspired by Mick Thomas (co host) and Weddoes, and working as an activist, a writer and musician.

  • Airport Traffic- Mandy Connell
  • Industrial Town – Mick Thomas
  • Ballad of a Wrong Un- Mick Daley
  • Dug Out Living- Mick Daley, Stephen Teakle (Barry Morgan) 
  • Your Reward- Mick DaleyEverybody’s Waiting for Something to Happen

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AOQR is funded by Mandy Connell and a few kind donors. Thanks to Creative Victoria for a contribution of $1040 to the Yarra Sessions. Thanks to all who have shared, liked, followed and bought tickets and books.

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