The Yarra Sessions, Episode 8: Girl Friday @ Oh! Jean Records

Shot at Oh! Jean Records in Fitzroy, this episode features Girl Friday as the final guest for our very first season of An Otherwise Quiet Room.

The Yarra Sessions has been the most joyous experience, and I can’t tell you how proud I am to have hosted a collaborative series of such good quality.

The Yarra Sessions, Episode 6: Matt Glass @ Thriving Places

Matt joined us for episode 6 at a home office. The day was cold but beautiful, and Sarah Poole, our host, plied us with tea, cheese and biscuits while we got everything together. It can take a little while to choose the seating arrangements, and set up mics, lights and cameras. We have included the equipment in the shots because we want the viewer to feel the intimacy and the reality of the moment- the takes are live, and flaws and funny moments run through each of them. In this episode, you might hear Matt’s daughter Rowan in the background, who was there for the whole day, keeping us smiling. Or you might notice the look of intent concentration on Mandy’s face as she tries to remember the chords.

The Yarra Sessions, Episode 5: Sarah Carroll @ Labour In Vain

One third of The Junes (with Gleny Rae Virus and Suzannah Espie) and a kick-arse writer and performer in her own name, Sarah had just gotten back from a tour in Sydney when we filmed episode 5 at The Labour in Vain.  Fresh from a trip to Nashville’s Americana Week (with help from Creative Victoria) Sarah is used to hard work, and long hours, and is an excellent role model for musicians. It meant a lot to us that she included us in a busy schedule, making an extra stop in Melbourne on her way home to her family in the Bellarine. Sarah was a lesson in professionalism, allowing an extra day on her tour back from Sydney to stop in to Melbourne and do this with us, and doing the whole thing with grace, patience and useful, thoughtful advice. Incredibly busy with her Star Parade Tour, she asked Mandy to choose the songs.

The Yarra Sessions, Episode 4: Michael Waugh @ Uncle Drew Cafe

Our fourth guest, Michael Waugh joined us at Uncle Drew. Michael lives just around the corner and chose it from a list of suggestions our producer Clare sent through. It was at Uncle Drew that our producer Clare Bligh joined the team. It’s also where we planned the launch, and chose the Yarra theme.

Uncle Drew has a beautiful, open feel, achieving a lot of light, with clean wall space and big windows. I am always drawn to the local artist’s work on the walls, and the food is delicious, very generous in portion size (which I value in a brunch), and clearly labels good gluten-free choices.

The Yarra Sessions, Episode 3: Brent Parlane @ A Fan’s Notes

Brent Parlane features in our third episode (Shot in Feb 2017). By this time, our team had expanded to include Clare Bligh and Ben Campbell, as well as Aaron and myself, and filming had to happen in between touring. With a busy schedule,  I was getting hard to reach (thanks to Gallie and Khristian Mizzi for your patience with me).

It took me two days to read an email from Brent, and this nearly meant that I missed our rehearsal. Flying by the seat of my pants I responded just in time. I arrived full of apology and grovel, to be met with the most humbling of good attitudes and professionalism.

The Yarra Sessions, Episode 2: Scott Cook @ The Yarra Hotel

I first heard Scott Cook at one of Rhea Caldwell’s Dear Monday sessions at the Retreat Hotel on Sydney Road in Brunswick. He played on the bill with Mary Webb, and everyone melted. I bought his fourth album One More Time Around. Since then he’s gained a big following around Australia, and is widely loved for his incredible jam sessions and mesmerising stage presence.

Scott had only one or two days in Melbourne on this tour, and it’s a happy chance that we could get him for episode 2 of  An Otherwise Quiet Room.

The Yarra Sessions, Episode 1: Bonnie Love @ Some Velvet Morning

Bonnie Love (AKA Sara Yael) is our first featured songwriter. She used to be part of rakish dance band Rapskallion, and also authors a beautiful line in sparkling costumes. You might find her association with global sensation Gabriella Cohen, if you look closely.

The Furze Brothers (SVM owners/managers) kindly gave permission to shoot the first episode, and film student Aaryn Robinson joined the team to film the series. Bonnie Love had been working behind the jump and it seemed right to ask her to be part of the series: And so the first Episode was born.