Episode 1: Bonnie Love- The Yarra Sessions @ Some Velvet Morning.

Bonnie Love.

Our first session was held at Some Velvet Morning in Clifton Hill with Bonnie Love.

Our first session, it was done by way of a ‘pilot’ and we are very grateful to the illustrious lady Love for being our first guest. Bonnie Love chose a Jackson C Frank song for the ‘cover’, and we broke the rules to include it because this song is an old folkie favourite, which Mandy said she’d been meaning to learn for a long time.

Bonnie Love is one facet of a rich and multiskilled person (Sara Yael) who performs her own songs on ukelele and guitar. Once known for fronting cabaret, faux-gypsy band Rapskallion together with Fingal Capaldi, the songstress comes from a talented family and is constantly surrounded by interesting events. Currently working as a seamstress and costume designer Bonnie Love (Sara Yael) creates glittering, gorgeous outfits under the name of Lily Castel.

Always a little sultry, with a huge personality and a beautiful heart, Bonnie Love was a perfect choice for the Yarra Sessions. From her touring with Rapskallion, Mandy has had some favourite ‘greenroom moments’ or ‘billet moments’ with Sara over the years – and Sara’s relationship with the arts hub that is “Some Velvet Morning” made a perfect match. The episode was filmed in November 2016 with a single rehearsal beforehand.

  • Blues Run the Game – Jackson C Frank
  • About Your Business- Mandy Connell
  • Comin Home- Bonnie Love

Check out Bonnie Love at Bandcamp: