Launching the Web-Series: Thursday February 22 @ Spotted Mallard

On Thursday February 22nd 2018 , the Spotted Mallard hosts the launch of “The Moreland Sessions” – our second season of videos.

This season is eleven episodes, co-produced and directed by Agostino Soldati Films with creator Mandy Connell, and brought to life by a team of more than thirty artists, technicians and small business owners.

Each episode features three live duets with the host, including a song by another independent artist, plus an interview with the artist and with the host of the business/space. We are thrilled to be featuring Dirt Hand, Gallie, Liz Stringer, Van Walker, Ro, Malcolm Beveridge, Kylie Auldist, Khristian Mizzi, Joyce Prescher, and John Fox across various spaces in the City of Moreland. Thank you to for opening up your spaces to us.

We are creating a book of the season, so that you can read about the place, the artist, their songs, and follow the development of the project from start to finish.

It’s total production cost is estimated at $12,706.00. This goes to paying our videographer, graphic designer, our amazing audio engineers, holding on to our domain name, radio,  printing and promotion.  If you would like to contribute, please go to our crowdfunding page

We wish to acknowledge the Wurundjeri, past and present- the traditional caretakers of Moreland, where the series was filmed. We have been mindful of including performers from diverse backgrounds, and are aware that there is room for more development.