Season 2: The Moreland Sessions

33 duets. 23 interviews.
12 local businesses. 11 guests.

Celebrating conversation and social space, connecting artists with small business.

A video series of interviews and duets set in Brunswick and Coburg, Melbourne.

An Otherwise Quiet Room is a song and interview series, celebrating conversation and social space, connecting artists with local businesses. We believe that communities and businesses thrive when they place importance on their interactions or connections with their local community, rather than simply on sales or transaction. The City of Moreland is a vibrant, multicultural community, full of spices, and cooking, and beautiful art and education and life. Shaped by wave after wave of migration and development – Irish, Italian, Lebanese, Turkish, Greek, Arabic, African and so many more – it’s also home to the most songwriters per capita in all of Australia, according to stats published by Music Victoria.

Created and hosted by Mandy Connell, The Moreland Sessions invites you to join her as she learns 22 new songs, meeting and interviewing brilliant people along the way, and looking into the care invested by business-holders in the spaces they invite us all into every day. Across eleven episodes, we brought our songs and the intimacy of sharing music to twelve local businesses, taking care to meet and thank our hosts for creating the rooms where we were able to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate their own creativity. Our artists and our hosts are creative, and thoughtful, and have spent years crafting the sensory experiences they offer you.

The Moreland Sessions were filmed over November and December of 2017, with a crew of 4 local people for each shoot. Episodes feature 3 songs, one written by Connell, one by her guest artist, and one by another independent artist. These performances are bracketed by interviews with the managers and owners of our settings: bookshops, migrant training and placement centres, music venues, honey shops, and local restaurant-come-conversation spaces.

With beautifully shot footage of song and story, we offer you the distilled worth of simple connection, and the thought that goes into facilitating that.

We wish to acknowledge the Wurundjeri people who are the Traditional Custodians of Moreland, and to pay respect to the Elders both past and present. We have been mindful of including performers from diverse backgrounds, and are aware that there is room for more development.

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