Newstead Sessions- Above The Bit

Above the Bit is Luke Watt and Nigel Wearne’s collaboration: a historical based songwriting project turned into a full length album produced by Matt Walker at Stovepipe Records. The record features backing vocals from host Mandy Connell, and a raft of fabulous musicians including Corinn Strating (Flute), Danny McKenna, (Drums) Steve Hadley (Bass). 

Newstead Sessions- Well Into Winter

Well Into Winter (WOW) is Alex Cameron, participating at Newstead Live 2019 as a member of band The Northern Folk. Connell talks to WOW about songs, performing in a big band and
the shape of this new project. Songs- Gentle Hearts’ and ‘That Same Lie’ by Well Into Winter.

Newstead Sessions- Kelly Skinner (Director)

Skinner’s long history with the folk scene as a flautist and bush band
performer give her a unique advantage as director of Newstead. Alongside her
allegiance to the town, Skinner’s position in the community drives her commitment to encouraging the local community